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Be a helpful customer: Make a Feature Request

Hover on April 24, 2012
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Hover aims to provide simple and powerful domain registration services to our customers. We often get feedback asking “Why don’t you do this?” or “How come you don’t offer that?” Most times we have chosen not to add a specific feature because we haven’t figured out how to offer the particular feature better than any other accredited registrar. Instead of complicating our offering with something that isn’t helpful, we just leave it out until we can live up to our promise of “simple domain registration.”

For example, for years Hover didn’t include premium domain name results in the domain name generator we provide to help our customers find a great domain name. That is, not until we figured out exactly the right way to include these premium web addresses (that often sell for hundreds of dollars) in the results list with the other relevant web addresses and domain extensions. For us, it wasn’t good enough to just include these results on a page – it had to make our domain registration more simple, helpful and useful before we could consider making the change.

A lot of what sets us apart from an average domain registrar is our ability to listen. We spend a lot of time talking to our customers, gathering and reading email feedback and generally focusing on the business of making sure our domain and DNS services are more helpful and better than any other accredited registrar.

One of the ways we gather feedback from our customers is via our customer forums, specifically our “Feature Requests” Forum. This forum is open to all Hover customers and is a simple way for you to tell us exactly what you’d like to see from your favorite domain registrar.

The Feature Requests forum is also slightly different from our other forums because you can vote on the features that you’d most like to see. For example, if you think that it would be helpful if we changed the way we handled URL Forwarding or that we could make it more simple to manage multiple domain servers, our feature requests forum makes it really easy to give us your feedback.

The Feature Request forum also includes the ability for us to provide you with feedback about the requests you make. For example, if you visit the Feature Request forum today, you’ll see that some customers would find it helpful if we added support for IPv6 glue records, grouping a domain registration with other similar domain names and make it possible to pay for a domain registration using Paypal payments. You’ll also note that we’ve marked those feature requests as “Planned”, “Planned” and “Done” respectively.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this helpful feature. Not only is your feedback going to help us provide better domain registration services, its also the helpful thing to do. :-)