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Back to School: How to Revamp your Personal Brand to get Hired!

Samantha Lloyd on August 31, 2018
Get a back to school job

It’s that time of year again – back to school! If you’re not headed back to college campuses for “frosh” week with a new backpack slung over your shoulder and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot as you head to new classes, then you’re probably feeling a bit left out. The countless ads peppering every channel and medium available all point in one direction, and it’s a bit easy to become lost in nostalgia as you’re left reflecting on snippets of memory rather than forging ahead. You need to face the new season like those excited students and look forward! Regardless if you’re headed back to school or not, September always has that feeling of new beginnings, and you should take advantage of that inspired sentiment and make the most of the last bit of 2018 (how is it going by so quick – it feels like we were just talking about the new year ahead)!

This is a great time to focus on you and revamp your personal and professional brand online. Not only are people going back to school, but people are hiring. September is one of the high times of year to job hunt, as recruitment and hiring picks up after the summer slowdown. This is a great time of year to hunt for that dream job.

Despite the increasing odds in autumn of finding your perfect role, applying for a job with the same old resume and template cover letter does not do you any favours. An average job posting can attract nearly 250 candidates, and only 2% of applicants are actually contacted to move further through the interview process. There are a variety of ways to stand out in the job hunting process, and a unique and curated personal and professional online brand will certainly help you excel.

Create and Grow a Personal Brand on Social

A great place to start your online presence is on your social media channels. While it’s common knowledge that recruiters often take a peek through your social media, did you know that they also hire through social? Do yourself a favour and start growing your professional brand on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be sure your profiles align with one another and that your branding and message is consistent throughout. Over 40% of employers are verifying that you’re a cultural fit and testing your creativity when they are looking through your social media profiles. Build a brand that truly represents you and that you are proud of to put your best foot forward.

Pro Tip! Not sure where to start with creating a personal brand? Check out these tips to building a powerful personal brand that’ll resonate with your audience.

Grab your Name as a Domain Name

The best way to make it easy on employers who are researching you on search engines is to have your name as a domain name. It may not always be possible to snag your name as a .COM if you have a common name, however get creative and use a different domain extension to showcase your personality – with over 300 to choose from, it’s easy to find one that directly aligns with your niche or profession.

Pro Tip! Don’t have the time just yet to launch a full-fledged website? Easily redirect your domain name to your YouTube channel, your Instagram, or your LinkedIn.

Build a Website that Houses your Brand

Nowadays, you likely notice the section on applications that requests an optional website. This is a great section to use that domain of your name to share a website that houses your portfolio, resume, or projects. Your website can act as a reflection of you and the brand you put forth, plus link out to the social channels that you want employers to see.

Pro Tip! Make sure to install Google Analytics so that you will be able to track which employers are following up on your resume and viewing your website. This will give you an idea of which jobs your resume is most aligned to and which employers are more interested in you so that you can follow-up accordingly.

Take this lively, back-to-school time of year to invest in yourself and create a professional and personal brand that stands out online. Why wait until the new year to implement everything you want to create for yourself? Get started today!