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Online Learning and Education-themed Domain Names for Your Work From Home Business

Samantha Lloyd on September 30, 2020
Plan to offer online learning or eCourses? Here's how to get an edu-themed domain.

In September, things feel new again. Summer ends and another season begins with new schools, new clothes and new haircuts. If you’re an instructor or educator, it’s back to school for you too, whether in person or online. Online learning, or e-learning, is growing throughout universities and colleges. Udemy, an e-learning platform, boasts more than 35 million students and 51% of US YouTube users use YouTube to learn, so if you’ve been thinking about launching your own eCourses, the time is now.

eCourses: Teaching of the Future

No matter what you do, you likely have a skill you can share with others. If you run your own business you can teach classes for extra income, to grow your personal brand, become a thought leader, or challenge yourself with a fun side hustle.

With many online learning options available, you need to stand out. You’ll need a good-looking website and a respectable domain name to match. 

Become an online teacher if you have:

E-Learning Domain Names

Now that you know what you’ll teach, you’ll need the perfect domain name. Luckily, Hover sells domain names to suit any need or niche. If you use social media channels to promote your eCourses, having an easy-to-remember, custom domain name is a much better option for your profile links than We offer many education-themed domain names that would make for a fun twist on your e-learning brand! Remember, many e-learning websites allow instructors to connect or forward a personal domain name to their page.

E-learning Domain Name Ideas


Teaching via social media or podcasting? Selling work-outs or meal plans? If you plan to offer some form of online learning or eCourses, the .COURSES extension would make a great domain name to highlight the legitimacy of your business.


Whether you’re teaching auto mechanics, makeup artistry or piano classes, a .ACADEMY domain name would add a touch of class.


Have you got more tips to share than you can count? Life-hacks, pro tips, how-to videos and tech podcasts can find their home with a .TIPS domain name. Bonus: it’s short, sweet and memorable.

Where Can You Offer Your eCourses?

Finding the right spot for your brand is the last step to moving forward with teaching online. There are a range of platforms you can use for your lessons and you can monetize on each one.

E-teaching, whether it’s a full-time job or a side hustle, requires a lot of dedication and effort. You will need to have high-quality videos or attachments, manage a curriculum, facilitate conversation, and offer help hours. You may also need to review the work submitted to you or stay in touch with our students around the clock.


The benefit of using a dedicated e-learning platform, such as Udemy, is that they provide a dashboard and curriculum to help you stay on track. You get to set the topics, price your classes and create unlimited eCourse content. You have the ability to participate in Udemy’s site wide sales and other deals so that the platform can promote you and your courseware. Udemy is strict about course ownership and pricing options, so make sure you read the agreement carefully.


Thinkific offers a suite of tools for marketing, sales and account management. Their platform is sleek and modern and also has the option to create unlimited courses on a customized website design. Thinkific allows for freedom of pricing structure and course ownership (and removal). 


YouTube is an obvious choice for many beginners to gauge interest and test or market their course. How-to YouTube videos now rank on Google in top positions for how-to based searches, which is great for driving organic traffic. You can monetize differently on YouTube, such as through paid advertisements or sponsorship. 

eTeaching is a journey

We hope we’ve been able to get you thinking about your eTeaching career or side-hustle. Once you have your vision and the details sorted out, you can focus on marketing the content and sharing your skills with the world. You’ll learn a massive amount of skills along the way, including eCourse production, management, marketing, monetization, presentation skills, customer service and delivery. We wish you the best on this journey.