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Hover on August 10, 2014

It can be almost impossible to get your big break as an actor. Sure, you can hang around offices and “by chance” bump into casting directors and agents with your headshot in hand, but that’s not really a practical solution. So what can you do to stand out and get people to notice your talent? Hmm…gee, we don’t know…Oh right: How about a website!

Why Would I Want a .ACTOR Domain?

Sure, you could go for something traditional like a .COM or .NET top level domain (TLD) for your website, but how will people know that you’re an actor? could refer to an actor just as much as it could refer to an astronaut, lawyer, stock broker, or rare species of butterfly. By choosing using .ACTOR, you’re able to instantly communicate exactly who you are before a person even clicks on your URL.

Related TLDs

If you’re considering .ACTOR then you might also want to check out the following related TLDs before making your decision (or better yet, buy all of ‘em just to be safe):



We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have about .ACTOR TLDs! Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 or reach us via email at

The Fine Print


Residency Requirements None
Name Length (Excluding TLD) 3 to 63
Term 1 to 10 years
DNS Requirements 2 to 13
WHOIS Privacy Available Y
Domain Locking Available Y
IDNs Available N
Auto-Renew Date 30 days before expiry
Change Renew/Let Expire
Settings X Days Before Expiry
Up to expiry
Grace Period 40 days
Redemption Period 30 days
Transfers 1 year added to reg term
Authcode Required  Y


Grab your own .ACTOR domain from Hover today!