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Behind the Domain

3 Reasons Why the Internet Loves .GAY

Hover on September 14, 2021
A .GAY domain for your website

.GAY is the latest domain extension to take the Internet by storm through its focus on supporting LGBTQ+ communities around the world. This domain is bold, inspirational, and reaches audiences that other domain extensions just don’t. Here are three reasons why we think the Internet loves .GAY and why it’s a great choice for both a primary domain name and for campaigns links

  1. .GAY helps to create a safer Internet. LGBTQ+ culture and its communities are vibrant and pioneering. Many LGBTQ+ Internet personalities and institutions provide safe spaces of support and acceptance online. 
  1. .GAY serves its audience both online and off.

It is the first domain extension to ban hate speech and the .GAY registry donates 20% of each sale to LGBTQ+ organizations. In 2020, .GAY raised $148,000 for their beneficiaries, GLAAD and CenterLink!

  1. .GAY works within the community. 

The organization has been promoted by actor, activist, gay pioneer, and self-proclaimed “King of the Internet,” George Takei. .GAY also produced two seasons of “The Library”, an interview series that showcases and celebrates the diversity of LGBTQ+ people through humor, storytelling, and community education. The Library is now streaming in more than 250 million homes and is available both online and via the Revry TV app. Catch the premiere of season 2 on September 16th, 2021!

Join in on the fun and get your very own .GAY domain today! To stay tuned for more .GAY updates, follow @dotgay on Twitter.