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You don’t have to have a website to have a domain name

Andrew Moore-Crispin on March 13, 2012

It’s a common misconception that to have your own domain name, you need to have a website. You don’t. can forward visitors anywhere you like. You can easily change where your domain sends visitors. What’s more, if you enable stealth redirect, which is also easy and friction-free with Hover’s domain and email management tools, your domain name will stay in the browser address bar.

For example, you can easily redirect your domain name to your profile page and keep your own URL in the browser address bar.

If you have your own free hosted blog with a WordPress or Blogger account, that makes a perfect candidate for a domain name redirect too.

Digging a little deeper into Hover’s domain and email management tools, it’s also easy to setup subdomains. A subdomain is part of the larger domain and let you customize what appears before You could set up a subdomain like which will send visitors straight to your blog. You can also easily setup forwards;, for example, can send visitors to your Facebook page. Other possibilities that immediately spring to mind are sending people to your online photo album on Flickr and sending visitors to, you guessed it, your LinkedIn public page. You can set up as many subdomains or forwards as you like on your domain name.

Your own domain name offers a consistent way to share online with no website required.

With Hover, domain forwarding, stealth forwarding, subdomains and redirects are included as part of your domain name. When you register your own domain name, you can get started right away and set up as many redirects and subdomains as you want.