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.XYZ Domain Names Are Just $5!

Hover on August 15, 2014

Until September 1st, you can register a .XYZ domain name for just $5/yr.

.XYZ domains have been growing steadily in popularity and climbing up the ranks in our weekly Top 20 gTLDs reports since they first launched. People have been snapping up the .XYZ domain names that simply aren’t available in the other generic domain extensions. Unlike the more common gTLDs, like .COM and .NET, there are more names available in the .XYZ extension in spite of its increasing popularity. So there’s a better chance of finding the best possible domain name for your project.

Here are some more reasons why we think .XYZ domains make a great choice, and why you might think so too:

They’re generic

.XYZ domains are a little different from many of the other new top-level domains that have been launching this year. Unlike .XYZ, most of the new TLDs are descriptive of the website’s topic and have meaning built right in. .XYZ is unique because it’s truly generic and can be a good fit for nearly any project you have in mind.

They’re memorable

The new .XYZ domain extension stands out from what Internet users are used to seeing to the right of the dot. They naturally make your website more recognizable and unique. Plus, .XYZ domains are short and simple. All these things make it easier for users to find your website and visit it again and again.

They’re affordable

Right now, .XYZ domains are on sale for the price of a fancy latte – just $5 to register your domain name for the year.

Even when this promotion ends at the end of the month, .XYZ domains still make an affordable option. The regular price of a .XYZ domain is $13/yr, which is still less than a .COM.

Not sure what to do with your .XYZ domain?

Many of us weren’t so lucky to get our ‘’ or even ‘’ Since the .XYZ namespace isn’t so crowded, there’s a better chance that you can still grab ‘’ – without making any compromises or variations.

‘’ would make a great domain name for a directory of your personal links. You can create your own personal landing page that features a short bio and links to your personal networks. It’s free and simple to set up Hover’s domain forwarding to direct users to your social profiles, blogs, and even your online portfolio.

Try searching a few keywords for your own .XYZ domain name to use for your next project.

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