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A Wedding Domain as Unique as Your Special Day

Guest Author on February 24, 2020
Get a wedding domain name.

Getting married? Get a website!

As you and your special someone plan your future, wedding plans start to take priority over everything else. The planning of the big day means thinking about venue, flowers, cakes, accommodation, invites… and so much more. With all those details to keep track of, a personal website would be an awesome (and beautiful) space to share your plans and prepare your guests.

Your wedding website serves as an amazing resource for your guests. It helps them stay up-to-date for the big day and can direct them to contact information, location details, expected attire, gift registries, important links and so much more. It can also eventually store your wedding photography, which is a huge plus. A website means fewer questions for you to field from your list of 100+ (and growing?) wedding guests. Trust us, you’ll be busy enough. 

Technology has changed the wedding planning game. Lists and notepads are often forgotten or misplaced by traveling guests. Online access to information is a must. You need to get your guests online and make that information as clear as possible. To that end, we suggest choosing a domain name that’s catchy and easy for your guests to remember. While you’re at it, get something that can become a part of your story long after the wedding bells have rung. Many couples find having a custom domain name becomes a place to document and share the story of their life as they grow. 

Decide on a wedding domain name

So, what makes a good wedding domain name? Here are a few tips to get you started.

·      Keep it short. The shorter the name, the better. According to best practices, a domain name should be below 20 characters. Don’t forget, you want the URL to be memorable and easy to type into a computer or smartphone.

·      Avoid special characters. Hyphens, numbers, and ampersands create confusion. Where did that hyphen go? Did they spell out “and” or is it “&”? 

·      If possible, use only your first names. Not everyone is going to be familiar with the last name of both the bride or groom depending on what side of the family they’re from. Last names can also get long and can have complicated spellings. 

·      Use the right of the dot to be creative. Is your first choice for a domain name taken? Don’t freak out. There are many domain endings with availability that may suit you better. Remember the most important takeaway is that you find something short and easy-to-remember. A great example is the .US domain, or “us”. Using is unique, romantic and it works well even after the wedding is over.

·      Share it everywhere. Be sure to include your domain on all your items, from stationery to wedding programs and social media posts. This includes save-the-date cards, invitations, engagement parties, etc. Get your domain name out there to remind guests of the go-to hub for all things wedding related. You want your domain to leave a lasting impression. 

Looking for more inspiration? Some of our favorite sites include:

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By choosing a unique wedding web address, you’re not only investing in something special for your special day, but you’re also taking the first steps toward creating a treasured family website you can pass down to your kids. Go from me and you to “us” with just a few simple clicks!