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4 Web Design Trends Shaping 2019

Guest Author on May 7, 2019
web design trends 2019

The web design industry is in constant evolution: every year new trends appear, older ones make a comeback while others die out. Being aware of current web design trends will hopefully give you inspiration to refresh your personal website, create more impactful designs, or help you or your client achieve business goals by crafting an impeccable landing page.

Without further ado, here are 4 web design trends that are influencing the work of the most popular creative designers and agencies on the web in 2019.

1. Original Interactions & Animations

Websites don’t have to be simply digital versions of printed brochures: through elaborate animations, interactive motions and sounds they can become immersive and entertaining digital experiences. 
Digital interactions and animations make a website stand out among many, adding up to the value of the brand they promote.

2. Big Text 

Headlines typically occupy a limited area of the top section of a websites. In 2019, we see more and more bold, dramatic text taking over the header and replacing hero images. 
The emphasis is on the words and the typography: the font, color and style of text gains importance. 

moby digital
lives and covers

3. Serif Typefaces

While Serif typefaces are traditionally associated to print, in recent years Serif fonts are becoming very popular in the digital word. With its classic look, Serif can give a more refined, sophisticated appearance to any website.

serif typeface
otis serif typeface
corvid serif typeface

3. More Illustrations – 3D & Abstract

Illustrations were already a thing in previous years, and they are not expected to fade any time soon. Popular digital products such as Stripe, Slack & Asana have replaced photography with original, custom illustrations for their landing pages, pop-ups and other creative assets.
Additionally, illustrations and sketches alike are getting more sophisticated, transitioning from a flat to a three-dimensional look.

shape art
moberries art

In summary, this year we notice the growing importance of interactions, typography as well as custom illustration. Hopefully, these trends will inspire you to create more awe-inspiring designs, without ever compromising on your own original style and design sense.

A tip for creative designers

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Stefania is Growth Manager at STUDIO, the next generation web design tool that lets you go from design to publish in one click. Connect on LinkedIn.