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Top 5 Productivity Apps for the iPad

Sarah Georges on October 30, 2012
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With all of life’s distractions, it becomes easy to get a little bit side tracked. Simple, easy to use tools are key when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

Here are our top 5 iPad apps that will simply help you get things done, no frills added.

iA Writer

We love iA writer because of it’s clean and easy to use design for word processing. The app allows you to concentrate on your text and nothing but your text. With zero background distractions such as format tools, this app is perfect for focussing on the content of your writing rather than getting distracted with styling. A great feature of the app is ‘Focus Mode’ which blurs out everything ecept the lines of text your working on, allowing you to channel your concentration to the most important part. 4
Price: $0.99


We know Wunderlist is good because we use it here at our offices! Wunderlist is an excellent collaboration tool for getting projects done and assigning tasks. It’s multi-platform and you can cloud sync on nearly every device. Collaborate on different things with colleagues and set due dates with ease. This is an app we’ll be using for a long time!
Price: Free

Planner Plus

Keeping your thoughts, to-do’s and events organized has never been this simple. Planner Plus allows you to sync events with your iOS calendars, create infinite amounts of notes and to-dos, all with the elegant design of a paper-bound planner. What’s great about this app is you can see all of this in one glance without having to flip through a bunch of tabs.
Price: $4.99

Air Display 1.2

Easily turn your iPad into an external monitor, while being able to use the touch screen functionality that a monitor doesn’t have. The Air Display allows you to spread your work onto more real estate with this handy app, and switch between tasks more efficiently. The app runs in both portrait or landscape mode.
Price: $9.99


How many times have you forgotten or misplaced your password, only to waste time and energy resetting it? Have you ever thought of how much time you spend simply entering your password? Seriously, somebody needs to create a bar graph for those stats!
1Password solves this problem by by storing your passwords and logging you in automatically to websites without compromising your security by saving the password in the browser.
Price: $14.99