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Top 25 Subreddits For People Who Never Want To Get Any Work Done

Hover on December 9, 2014

Reddit can be both the greatest and worst part of the Internet. It’s a place where you can have meaningful conversations with like-minded people all over the world, see amazing photographs that other Redditors have taken, share tips about your favourite hobby, get discount codes for a new TV, or pretty much anything else you can think of. It’s whatever you want it to be and, if used properly, can be the best gateway for all the wonderful things that the Internet has to offer. This is great and all, but here’s one of the main problems with Reddit: its hundreds of thousands of subreddits can be a huge time suck.

If you’ve got a ton of free time then Reddit is the perfect companion to spend your hours with (you lucky, lucky person); however, if you have a day job where you’re expected to actually do stuff, it can be a dangerous temptation that’s always just one click away. You might say to yourself, “I’ll just check a couple of links and then get to work,” and then before you know it it’s 5:00 and you still haven’t even checked your email yet.

If you spend all day on Reddit while everyone at the office thinks you’re busy researching for your big competitive analysis that you secretly finished months ago, who are we to judge? If anything, you deserve to be on Reddit all day for being so darn productive!  Yeah, keep telling yourself that…But since you’re going to be on Reddit either way, we thought we’d help out and point you towards some of our favourite subreddits.

So, without further ado, here are our top 25 subreddits (in no particular order) that are perfect for all of the procrastinators out there:

Top 25 Subreddits


Oddly Satisfying

The sound of cutting into a new piece of construction paper. Peeling the protective plastic off of a new Macbook Pro. A perfectly organized closet. Oddly Satisfying is a collection of things that will make you go “ahhhhhh” with satisfaction.

Shower Thoughts

A shower is the perfect time for your mind to zone out. You’re performing a routine task that doesn’t require any thinking and are stuck with your own thoughts for several minutes, which are the perfect conditions for coming up with really great ideas. Check out Shower Thoughts for an endless list of ideas that’ll make you go, “of course – why didn’t I think of that!”

Life Pro Tips

There’s a good chance that whatever you’re doing right now, there’s a better way to do it. Life Pro Tips is a place where Redditors share little tips that will change your everyday tasks in big ways.

Where Did The Soda Go

Infomercials are everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure. All of them have the same basic components: Z-list actors extremely frustrated with some everyday “problem,” who are then over-the-top happy to have finally found the perfect solution to a challenge that they didn’t really have in the first place. Where Did The Soda Go has all of the best infomercial GIFs, accompanied by captions that give them a funny new context.

Photoshop Battles

Photoshop Battles is a highly collaborative subreddit where Redditors share funny images of people or animals and then work together to use Photoshop to put them into different scenarios. One of the most popular examples is this gem of Robert Downey Jr. getting his picture taken at the DMV.

Mildly Interesting

If you’re looking for something that will blow your mind, keep looking. This subreddit is for everything that will make you go “hmm, that’s neat.” You’d be surprised at how addictive these can be.

Mildly Infuriating

Every day, we all come across something that makes us stop in our tracks and question our faith in humanity. This subreddit is the perfect place to discover what irks fellow Redditors and reassure yourself that you’re not alone. It won’t put you in a fit of rage, but it’ll give you a nice healthy dose of frustration so you can get it out of the way and go back to being your normal cheery self.

I Am A

This subreddit is where interesting people open up and let Redditors ask them anything. Literally anything. Many actors, athletes, musicians, authors, entrepreneurs and other noteworthy people have opened up to the community and given great insight that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise shared. There’s also a schedule of upcoming AMAs to make sure you’ve got a good chance to get your questions in.

Tales From Retail

If you’ve ever worked in retail before, then you’ve definitely seen the worst behaviour that humankind has to offer. Check out these stories that will make you laugh/cry at the lengths people will go to when they’re out shopping.

Crazy Ideas

If you’ve ever had a pretty ‘out there’ idea, head over to Crazy Ideas to share it with the world. Some of the ideas are great. Some are horrible. Some are just plain weird. Regardless of what you find here, it’s guaranteed to be imaginative.

First World Problems

It’s really easy to forget how good many of us have it. That being said, it still feels good to complain about our problems that we’re actually really lucky to have in the first place.

No No No No Yes

Everyone likes it when things end well. This subreddit is full of clips where something looks like it will end horribly but then miraculously all works out just at the last second.

Out of the Loop

Have you ever listened to a group of people having an in-depth conversation about a subject that for some reason you know nothing about? This can be pretty discouraging – especially when it’s something that you really should know about by this point. Use the Out of the Loop subreddit to ask fellow Redditors to fill you in on what you’re missing, minus the judgement and ridicule.

Tip of my Tongue

What was that adventure/platformer game from the 90s where you were a rabbit shooting things? What episode of Star Trek TNG did Captain Picard do that weird laugh? If you’re pulling your hair out trying to remember something based on only the vaguest of details, ask your fellow Redditors at the Tip of my Tongue subreddit – there’s a good chance that someone out there has just the answer you’re looking for!

Not The Onion

The Onion is a great site that posts very obviously fake and exaggerated news stories. Sometimes, however, the actual news has articles that don’t seem like they could possibly be real but, unfortunately, are.

Retro Futurism

Flying cars. Hoverboards. Sky cities. The future sure looked great – too bad we never quite got there. This subreddit is a collection of old predictions of what the future would be like but humans haven’t gotten to…yet.

Data is Beautiful

Data can be an overwhelming mess that you have no idea what to with. This subreddit is a celebration of data, where Redditors share visualizations that present numbers in a pleasing and insightful way.

Today I Learned

There’s a lot of interesting tidbits out there waiting to be discovered in random places across the web. When you find one, be sure to share it on this subreddit.


Everyone loves a blast from the past. Head over to the Nostalgia subreddit for a steady stream of “I forgot about that!” (Shameless plug: Check out our blog post 10 Things That Used To Be On Every Website That You Totally Forgot About for some more retro goodness)

Learn Useless Talents

There are a ton of subreddits that can teach you how to play guitar, build a shed, install a light fixture and other impressive projects; this subreddit is not one of them. Though you don’t really need to know how to do any of the tips shared in this subreddit, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn them – and look pretty darn impressive while doing them, too.

One Job!

We can all be lazy sometimes, but come on! Some of the gems found in this subreddit are the best/worst examples of when someone gave up a little too early when doing the one thing that they were supposed to do.

Perfect Timing

Ever wish you could slow time down? This subreddit is filled with pictures that were taken at just the right moment and captured something you otherwise would have missed.

Animals Being Bros

What’s cuter than one animals? Two animals, of course! Get your fix of all the pics, GIFs & videos of animals being buddies that you can handle.


Computers, gadgets, sci fi…there’s a lot to love about being a geek. Share & discover all the things that make being a geek great at the Geek subreddit!

Explain Like I’m Five

Ever wanted to learn more about a subject but it’s just too complicated? Ask fellow Redditors in the Explain Like I’m Five subreddit to get a simple explanation that anyone can understand.

Animals Being Jerks

An animal can be your best friend and, just like your human best friend, can also be a real jerk sometimes.

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