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Startups with .INC domains are securing millions in funding

Hover on September 22, 2021

.INC means business. This professional domain extension can give a major boost to a brand’s ability to attract both customers and investors. Many startups, especially those that are newly established, struggle to build brand recognition and credibility in their early stages. A .INC domain gives you a clear and concise brand image with value investors recognize. 

Take a look at these businesses that have received significant funding who have built their platform on a .INC domain!

DAIZ  – 

Funding: $16,380,000 USD

Daiz is a Japanese startup which produces and sells plant-based meat. Their product, dubbed “Miracle Meat,” uses germinated soybeans from the proprietary Ochiai Germination Method. This past March, they raised 180 million Japanese Yen. That’s over 16 million US dollars!


Funding: $10,000,000 USD

Ratio is a cafe & lounge in Singapore that uses robotic technology to create its signature coffee drinks and other beverages for its customers. This startup uses its technology to create perfectly customized drinks tailored to each person’s unique tastes. This .INC-based brand raised over 10 million US dollars in funding in February 2021.

Fabric – 

Funding: $43,000,000 USD is a headless commerce platform that helps connect direct-to-consumer and business-to-business brands to eCommerce platforms that are designed for their needs. They raised 10.5 million USD last October and have now reached 43 million USD in funding.

Stand out to customers and investors alike with a professional and powerful .INC domain. Click here to secure your brand’s .INC domain name today!