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Some of Our Favorite .SHOP Domain Names in Action!

Samantha Lloyd on October 8, 2019
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We’re all familiar with shopping online. Online business-to-consume shopping has been around since the mid-nineties and has exploded in popularity and use over the past years. Beyond the big box stores and online giants, there are many people operating small businesses and shops, both in brick-and-mortar and online, to get their unique products into the hands of consumers. Shopify alone has over 500,000 vendors on their site. As well, there are over 650,000 registrations of the wonderfully memorable .SHOP domain extension. Small vendors and shop owners are finding unique ways to stand out with their creations and their online brands.

If you have a shop chock full of handmade goodies, or are thinking of opening one, then you’ll love reading our favourite use cases of the .SHOP domain name below. No matter what type of shop you’re thinking of opening, or where you’re thinking of starting it, we’ve got inspiration for you. You’ll notice .SHOP’s global spread with all these different shops headquartered in countries all around the world.

.SHOP Domain Name Inspiration

Preemptive Love has a large goal of helping families rebuild from war.A donor’s monthly gift provides relief, jobs, and more to the community. They empower refugees in ways that honor their vision for the future and utilize skills they already have and you can purchase refuge-made items through their shop. Preemptive Love is a 501(c)(3) United States non-profit with a global mission and impact.

Return to Sender was created to encourage those who have to wear Medical ID bracelets to actually wear them by creating fashionable and beautiful alternatives to your typical medical identification bracelet. The owner of the shop, an individual who has to wear a Medical ID bracelet themselves, hand-makes these Medical IDs in New York, USA.

be. is owned and run by mother-and-son duo. They offer home decor, aromatic home fragrances, body care lines, jewelry, gourmet foods, cookbooks and all the best lifestyle and decorating needs. Their mission is to delight the senses and inspire your world, with the son being inspired by his mother’s belief in living a beautiful life. Find in Colorado, USA.

Bo-ta-ny is run by “the vegan alchemist” who creates handmade aromatic candles, sprays, oils, and other products that are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. You can also book an experience with their Botany Therapist in their flagship store. The brand is based out of Qatar.

Menen Pictures sells fine photography prints on bags, phone cases, pillows, and more with a cause attached to the brand. Menen Pictures was started by a photographer who wanted to design products with their art and photography. They hope to bring to you these qualities, to inspire you in your journey, and to place art and peace in people’s lives. Find this shop in New York, USA.

Ah, ‘tis the season! Just in time for Halloween, this cosplay Etsy shop, NNN Cosplay, offers handmade replicas of pop culture, anime, disney, and other icons. The artist is also open to custom commissions for costumes. While there are a ton of events like Comiccon to wear your cosplay attire to, with Halloween just around the corner, this seems like the perfect opportunity to share about this store. The shop is based out of the Dnipro, Ukraine.

Area91 focuses on doing everything in-house for the home decor. They concept, design, and build everything with their Canadian team. There is a huge variety of home decor items available through their shop. This store can be found in Toronto, Canada (hey, that’s where we are, too!). 

Fully inspired? There are endless types of online shops out there. Whether you have a non-profit initiative, you’re hand-making your items, celebrating the holidays, or putting your art on beautiful products, get your shop up and running today. Grab your .SHOP domain name. It’s on sale for October 2019!