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Sale: Get $10 in Instant Savings When You Add Hover Email

Hover on April 2, 2015

You can now save big on your purchase at Hover when you add email to any domain name.

For every Big or Small Mailbox you add to your cart, you get up to $10 in Instant Savings. Your savings will appear in the shopping cart and apply to your final order. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a great email address to go along with your great domain name, now’s the time.

“Can I still get Instant Savings when I add email to a domain name I already own,” you ask?

Of course!

You don’t have to buy a new domain to take advantage of this special offer. When you add email to a domain you already have at Hover, the cost will be prorated for the time left on your domain before its expiry, giving you Instant Savings of up to $10. And when you do some quick math, that means if your domain is set to expire within a couple of months, you can actually add email for free.

Big Mailbox or Small Mailbox?

Your up to $10 Instant Savings will apply to both Big Mailbox or Small Mailbox, so the choice is yours! Here’s how the two email options stack up:

Small Mailbox (reg. $20/yr):


Big Mailbox (reg. $29/yr):

Search for a new domain name now, or add email to a domain you already own!