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Popular Domain Names for Podcasters

Samantha Lloyd on June 3, 2019
podcasting and domain names - microphones on a desk

Being a podcaster is an exciting world to be part of. The listener rates boast enticing numbers for any potential podcaster, with 73% of Americans over the age 12 listening of podcasts on a monthly basis and 28% of Canadians over the age of 18 tuning in monthly. If you’re looking to connect with an audience and spread the word about what matters to you, now is a great time to do so. That said, now you’re competing with all types of niche and general podcast topics to get the attention of a generation not well known for brand loyalty or paying much attention to one subject. You need to stand out from the crowd and a digital strategy can really set you apart. The first step to any great website? Owning a great domain name, of course!

Let’s explore what your podcast is all about so that you can give it the proper online branding it deserves. You’re working hard to make a great and high quality podcast and your digital presence should reflect that. Some podcasts have big brands and communities behind them, some are live shows, and some are a typical radio show. Whatever style or niche your podcast serves, there’s a domain name for it. Here are some domain names used by popular podcasters:

.COM Domain Name for Podcasters

The .COM domain name is always a good go-to for anyone’s brand. If you can secure your podcast name on a .COM domain name, it’s a solid choice for your brand.

.CO Domain Name for Podcasters

The .CO domain name is representative of communities and that’s exactly what your podcast audience is. They’re a community of people sharing similar interests and who love listening to you. An example of a podcast we love on a .CO domain name is the Good Good Good brand’s podcast, Sounds Good.

good good good newspaper
Good Good Good’s brand has a newspaper, newsletter, and a podcast!

.FM Domain Name for Podcasters

The .FM domain name has been a favourite of podcasters for a while. This domain name is short and already has an association with radio. A podcast we have been sponsoring for a while, Relay.FM, uses a .FM domain name for their brand.

.LIVE Domain Name for Podcasters

Some podcasters go the live radio route and let their guests tune in for a show in real time. If this is your style, let your audience know with a .LIVE domain name.

Try a Themed Domain Name

If your podcast is specifically about fitness and health, why not grab a domain like If you are interviewing coffee experts and can always be heard slurping away, you could grab the domain name. There are a lot of options out there that highlight your theme or niche that will easily resonate with your audience.

Once you’ve secured your perfect domain name, some podcast hosts (such as Buzzsprout) allow you to forward your domain name to the website or RSS feed they auto-generate for you. This is an option to make your feed link a lot easier to share.

What domain name did you choose for your podcast? Share it with us on social!