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On Sale Now: Hipster Domains!

Hover on February 18, 2014

Starting today, we’re offering a special discount on some of our more unique domain extensions.

We wanted to pay homage to some of the awesome ‘.com’ alternatives by making them available at equally awesome prices. These TLDs are the androgynous hairstyles and ironic eye-wear of domain names. They break the mold and help your website stand out from others on the web.

Now’s the perfect time to try something a little different for your next idea and take advantage of these greatly reduced prices* for your first year of registration:

Don’t worry, you needn’t have a liberal arts degree to get any of these domains. They’re just as easy to register and manage as the more mainstream TLDs. Just head over to Hover and try a few keywords in the search bar to see what’s available.

Wondering what’s so great about these TLDs?


More variety

With over 248 million domains already registered, the domain name you really want may not be available in .com. These TLDs offer a better chance of claiming the perfect domain name to represent you or your business, while still being valuable and useful.


It doesn’t take extensive knowledge of espresso blends to recognize a hipster domain. Choosing one of these TLDs makes your domain as unique and memorable as the idea you want it for. Plus, with this year’s imminent launch of hundreds of new TLDs, people are becoming more familiar with seeing something other than “com” after the dot.

Endless domain hacking potential

A domain hack is what happens when the different levels of a domain are combined to spell out a readable word or phrase. Some domain names use the TLD as a completely separate word, while others use domain hacks to finish the spelling of a word.

It’s easy to make a statement with hipster domains by using what comes after the dot. Without explanation, everyone will know you’re the ObscurePostRockAmbiantBand.Guru. Domain hacking can also be used to shorten the domain by making an efficient use of space.

Here are some of the cleverest domain hacks we love:
This domain is home to a techy start-up that offers backend-as-a-service for healthcare app developers. The .io domain has been a rising star in the domain world and is coveted among the tech crowd.
As a URL-shortening service, this one really speaks for itself.
A search tool for the database of domain and IP owner information known as “WHOIS”.
Now you can get all your breaking news and current events without having to type as many characters.
One of the best ways to use domain hacking is to complete your name, like WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg.

*Ironic eye-wear not included.