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New TLDs That’ll Make Your Photography Website Picture Perfect

Hover on October 24, 2014


A website is a photographer’s best friend. It’s a way to showcase all of your great pictures with the online community. It’s a means for prospective customers to discover your work and learn more about you. And in this day and age, it’s something that you absolutely need if you want to be considered for someone’s photoshoot.

Now, there are hundreds of new top level domains (TLDs) to choose from to make your website’s domain name absolutely perfect. Whether you had to settle for a less-than-ideal name for your site or think your domain name is just fine as it is, read on. You might be surprised with the new options that are now available.

What is a Top Level Domain?

Top level domains (TLD for short) are what are to the right of the dot after your name. For, .COM is the TLD. In fact, this is the case for most websites that you come across; however, many have argued that this and other commonly-used TLDs are too generic and not optimal for describing the content of a website. 

Photography TLDs

It’s never been a better time to have a photography website. There are a ton of TLDs for anyone involved with photography to find a domain name that perfectly represents them. Some of the reasons why you’d want to use a new TLD include:

Higher Relevancy

Using a generic TLD does nothing to communicate what your website is all about. If you register, your domain name could be referring to a photographer, accountant or an amateur magician; the point is, no one will know until they click. Who knows how many missed opportunities this has resulted in?

By using something like .PICS or .PHOTO, you can broadcast exactly what it is that you do before a person even gets to your website. From a branding perspective, this instant recognition is invaluable.

More Likely to Find What You Want

How many times have you settled for a less than adequate domain name because the one you wanted was taken? With more options to choose from, you’ve now got a way better chance of finding the exact name that you’re searching for. Is the .PICS version of your name taken? Try .PHOTOS or .PHOTO. The point is, one of them is bound to be available.

Shorter URLs

To better indicate what their services are, many people will tack on extra words into their domain names. This results in things like or

When it comes to domain names, the shorter the better. Photography TLDs can help by removing the need for any extra words in the domain. Many of the commonly used words are now available as TLDs, so you can place them to the right of the dot instead.

More Memorable

Is this the first you’re hearing about these TLDs? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – and that’s a good thing! Because they’re not so common, a new TLD will help your domain name stand out and be easier to remember.

What photography TLDs are available?

Here are a list of the photography-related TLDs that we carry at Hover, as well as search forms to search for availability!












Which photography TLD do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments!