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.ME, .CO, and .INFO Domains are on Sale!

Hover on January 28, 2014

Starting today, we’re offering lower prices for a few of our favourite TLDs!

You can get new .co, .me and .info domain names at these special prices for the rest of 2014. It’s the perfect time to try these domains for your next big ideas or start-ups. You’ll notice in your shopping cart that renewal and transfer prices have also been adjusted for the duration of this sale.

Here are the details on this special offer for your first year of registration:

Why choose .me, .co, or .info?

Get the domain name you want

When you’re looking for the perfect domain name, you’ll see that your options open up considerably when you look beyond .com. Plenty of great domains are available for .me, .co, and .info. You can still find a domain name that’s short, memorable and perfect for your idea, so there’s no need to settle for a long or complicated one.

They’re SEO-friendly

Wondering how these TLDs will fare in search rankings? Part of what makes these domains such great alternatives is that they’re just as effective in keyword searches as other popular TLDs. Your .me, .co or .info domain name will be given equal treatment in search engines.

They’re unique and memorable

Choosing a .me, .co, or .info helps your domain stand out from others as a distinct web address, while still being memorable and widely trusted.

.Co is easily recognizable as a domain for start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators, while .me domains lend themselves well to personal websites and blogs. Since the word “info” is recognized in over 30 languages, .info is a truly global domain and perfect for providing information about you or your company.

Build your online identity

It can be worthwhile to secure your name or your company’s name in more than one TLD. Not only does this help expand your brand, but it also protects your online identity. Registering a .me, .co, or .info domain gives you greater control of what people find when they search for you or your business online.

Now’s the time

With the upcoming launch of over 1000 new TLDs, Internet users are becoming even more familiar with seeing something after the dot besides “com.” The new domains will likely increase awareness and acceptance of alternative domain extensions, including .me, .co and .info.

It’s the perfect time to grab one of these TLDs for your next domain and take advantage of the new, even better prices at Hover.