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Looking for Extra Cash This Holiday Season? Join Our Affiliate Program!

Samantha Lloyd on December 4, 2019
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Here at Hover, we know our customers are our biggest supporters. Many of you share your promotional and referral codes on social media. You are always looking for discounts to save on your purchase so you can buy as many domains as possible for all your exciting projects. We want to support you as you continue to build websites for your next ventures. We recently launched our Affiliate Program information page to provide our customers more insight into who can be an affiliate. The good news is that nearly anyone can be an affiliate of Hover. If you think you’d be interested in joining Hover’s Affiliate Program then read on for more information and our tips and tricks!

Who Can Be an Affiliate Marketer for Hover?

If you have a space online that is yours, you can be an affiliate marketer. All you need is a website, a YouTube channel, social media pages, a blog… anything! Typically, we recommend a space that appeals to an audience looking to buy domain names, such as entrepreneurs, business owners, web developers, agencies, and similar. Using this space of yours online, you can link out to your affiliate link on Hover.

Since our products are sold globally, we can have a global affiliate marketing base. Whether you’re constantly on the move, vacationing for the holidays, or settled somewhere permanently you can continue to market our product to your audience. Please note that our products are offered in USD.

What is the Benefit of Being an Affiliate Marketer of Hover?

Being an affiliate marketer of any company has the benefit of offering you the ability to earn commission on items sold. We have a standard commission rate per sale of any product you refer a customer to and there are no minimum sales requirements. Every time you refer a customer to a Hover product, you earn a commission rate for your referral. See more about our commission rates on our Affiliate Program page.

When Can I Sign Up?

Why wait? As the holidays approach, everyone is looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Apply for our Affiliate Program and start earning!

How Can You Use Your Affiliate Link?

We’re proponents of being honest and your audience would probably prefer you to mention that you make a commission from the purchase of the item you’re promoting. Wherever you choose to share your affiliate link, be sure that it’s relevant to your audience and adds value to them.


If you have a website that you can easily edit and update, you have a great platform for affiliate marketing. You can choose to place your affiliate link in a “products you’re promoting” section or feature your affiliate marketing products on your homepage for certain periods of time.


Writing a blog gives you multiple opportunities to promote the products you are an affiliate of. Writing a how-to build a website is a great way to organically reference domain names, as an example, and place your affiliate link in a relevant spot.

YouTube Channel

Link out to your affiliate link in relevant video topics through the description. If you’re publishing a video about web development and building a portfolio, this could be a great spot to mention owning a domain name.

Email Marketing

If you run a newsletter with a dedicated audience, you can place your affiliate marketing links in your email campaign.

Hopefully this has given you the inspiration you need to pursue affiliate marketing. If you have a place online that you own, it’s fairly easy to set everything up and become an affiliate marketer. Make a bit of extra cash over the holidays while you travel and enjoy the season. Hover is looking for affiliate marketers to sign up for our affiliate program and our customers are the perfect fit. We love providing value to you and you love providing value to your audience. If we’re the perfect fit then apply today!