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Introducing PassRocket for iOS 6

Sarah Georges on September 29, 2012
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Taking advantage of iOS 6’s most notable new features, Passbook, many companies have already started building apps. Of particular interest to us is PassRocket, a new, free app that helps SMBs create loyalty cards and passes for their customers (did we mention it’s free?).

PassRocket lets businesses design their own loyalty cards using an iPhone or iPod Touch. They can add their own logo, set rewards and track customers directly from the app. Businesses can then share their loyalty cards or passes with their customers on social media via a link created within the app. When a user clicks the link it then places the business’ loyalty card into the Passbook application, available on iOS 6. When a customer enters the store, they can scan their loyalty card on the business’ PassRock application, which in turn tracks each customer’s visit.

Benefits of PassRocket for SMBs:

1. Customers always have their loyalty cards on them via their iPhone or iPod Touch.
2. Customer’s don’t have to carry around dozens of separate loyalty cards
3. Deals and passes can be easily shared on social media
4. Scanning speeds up customer experience
5. Easily track every customer and access user analytics

Check out PassRocket for yourself at and