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How You Can Support “The Day We Fight Back” to Stop Mass Surveillance

Hover on February 11, 2014

Today is The Day We Fight Back!

Over the last week, we’ve been talking a lot about NSA spying and the importance of defending the Open Internet. Today, we join thousands of websites and groups worldwide to protest mass surveillance for The Day We Fight Back. Now is the time to stand up to government powers that aim to access and analyze our every digital move.

As an Internet company, the online world matters a lot to us. Mass surveillance damages the Internet’s integrity, and threatens the growth of our economic system.

From a broader perspective, the Internet is a place for freedom, not for taking it away. Digital surveillance doesn’t make us safer – it takes away our liberties.

Head over to the Tucows blog to read more about why we care about mass surveillance (and you should too!).

What we’re doing

We’re donating $1 for every domain transferred to Hover until the end of the day. All proceeds are going to EFF (Electronic Frontiers Foundation), and their efforts to protect our privacy rights online.

How you can help

Today is the day of action, and it’s up to us – the users of the Internet – to make it into a movement. Here’s what you can do to help us keep up the momentum: