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How to Use the .GLOBAL Domain Name

Samantha Lloyd on July 3, 2019
global domain name

When searching for a domain name for your global business – maybe it’s a shipping logistics company, or a world renowned product, or Mr. Worldwide himself – you want something that represents your global presence. It’s always great to use your domain name to tell the story of your business. Global is a “borderless strategy” for companies with a widespread impact. For the month of July 2019, the .GLOBAL domain name is on sale

How to Use the .GLOBAL Domain Name

Letting customers, investors, and potential job candidates know that you have a global reach and presence is and important attractor. A .GLOBAL domain name is great for your company’s website, but if you already have a main domain name that your users are familiar with, you can get creative with your .GLOBAL domain name. Use it for specific pages that relate to your global presence and help share what aspects of your company are global.

Your customers can benefit from knowing that your global. If your product or service is available around the world or can be delivered to them, that’s always a great thing to let people know upfront. Nothing is worse when buying a product than learning towards the end of the buying process that whatever you wanted to buy is not available in your country. Let your customers know that you offer your product or service globally. Share your shipping policy, your product information, and more on a .GLOBAL domain. A generic option like to land on your shipping FAQ page is a creative way to go about it!

Your investors may not always be in your country, and it’s great to work with a worldwide spread of investors. If you’re a publicly traded company, then you likely have an Investors section of your website. Put your “Investors” section on a .GLOBAL domain name and create a microsite around it. Choosing a generic domain like,, is one way to link your investors to the microsite.

If you want to tell potential employees that they can work from anywhere or that you have offices spread across the globe, putting your careers page on a .GLOBAL domain is a great way to state this. Share your office locations, career opportunities, or company about page on a .GLOBAL domain. Let candidates know you believe in and hire remote workers and more. For example, owning for your remote worker policy or for career opportunities, is a fun way to link out to your career pages.

See .GLOBAL Domain Names in Action

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has a goal to connect passionate individuals across the world to reshape the future of transportation. website
The website

Global Careers works to handle the international recruitment landscape. website
The website

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Since it began in 1974, the event has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries. website
The website

Express Freight Solutions is a UK company that has all haulage types from pallet delivery to freight forwarding and more. website
The website

Hopefully, this has inspired you to grab a .GLOBAL domain name for your world-impacting website or company. Don’t forget that the .GLOBAL domain name is on sale for July 2019. Put your business on the map today!