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How to Use the .BABY Domain Name for your Baby Shower

Samantha Lloyd on March 27, 2019
baby shower celebration website

In a previous blog, we introduced you to the .WEDDING domain name and how to use it for your wedding website. We love these domain names that mark milestones in your life and there’s a new one we can’t wait to introduce to you. The .BABY Top-Level Domain (TLD) is coming into your life sooner than you expect and we can’t wait for you to adopt the one that’s perfect for you (okay…I’ll stop with the bad puns). After seeing this domain extension used on countless baby product and service websites, many customers are wondering how to apply it to their personal lives. Our favourite use of the .BABY domain name is for your baby shower website and invites. Let’s explore how you can use this adorable domain for your upcoming celebrations!

When planning a baby shower (and hopefully someone is taking this stress off of you and doing the actual planning!), there is more to consider than sending out a group text. Much like a wedding, this is another endeavour of an event that requires invitations, a location, a registry, and food. Lots of food. A way to make this process easier is to handle much of it digitally:

  1. Send out e-vites instead of mailing invitations and collect RSVPs through your e-vites. You can create beautiful e-vites using PaperlessPost or similar websites.
  2. Set up your invitees to land on a website, Facebook event page, or other event planning page, such as EventBrite.
  3. Order and schedule catering through a restaurant that handles online ordering. This will allow you to make any last minute changes to accomodate dietary restrictions and allergens. Thankfully, most catering companies and restaurants have online ordering options (yes, even the Burger’s Priest does. Friend was wondering.).
  4. Set up a registry at a store that allows your attendees to ship their gifts directly to you to save attendees the hassle of shopping and lugging around giant carriages, toy sets, and more. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is one example of a company that has an easy to use and manage online registry plus has a ton of variety – you know you… or uh, your future baby… always wanted that popcorn machine!

Phew – I bet you feel more relaxed already knowing that you don’t need to leave the house to create the perfect event for yourself. To add a bit of cute and sweet to the digital process, because sometimes that adorable element can get lost when creating a digital event, the .BABY domain name is there for you. We have a few suggestions for how you can use your .BABY domain:

.BABY for your Baby Shower Website

Much like having a wedding website, a baby shower website is simply a singular place for guests to get information about your event. If you have the time to craft a quick website for your event, then that’s perfect. You’ll be able to use the website to handle the who, what, where, when, and why of your event and can update it with ease if there are any changes.

.BABY for your Baby Shower Event Page

Sometimes, even a simple website is too much effort to think about creating. This is one of those situations where it’s completely fair to want to use an easier method. Setting up an event on Eventbrite, Meetup, or making a Facebook Event Page is a great way to manage your guest list and provide all the information necessary. The only issue is those pages often have long, complicated URLs that look awful in emails, are impossible to deal with in print, and no reasonable person can remember. A way to solve this isn’t necessarily to make your own website. Thanks to Hover Connect, you can forward your domain name to a plethora of links with a few clicks. Your custom domain can instead land on an event page. Now, when you email or send invitations to attendees, they can simply navigate to instead of–2-232. Much easier to use, share, and remember!

.BABY for your Baby Shower Registry

Another registry?! Just when you had finally rid of the fifth breadmaker, you have to set up an entirely new registry. The great thing about setting up a registry online through a store is the item will be removed from the registry as soon as it has been purchased… no triple sets of candle sticks for you ever again! You can also set an option for your attendees to ship the item directly to you or to themselves (should they want to bring it with them). Everything about online registries is a blessing. The caveat being that, much like an event page, it’s not always easy to share the link. Many registry websites are set up to allow attendees to search via your registry number or your name, but there’s always room for error. Further, you always have those guests that like to ask you for the link five times in a row and need steps on how to find your registry (even though you were sure your invitation properly explained everything…). Save yourself a headache by having your domain forward to your registry page. You can easily link to and land your attendees on your specific registry – no explanation required!