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How to: Create a ‘launching soon’ page for your website

Sarah Georges on December 11, 2012
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Create a ‘launching soon’ page for your website with the app LaunchRock.
LaunchRock is a cool platform for launching your website. Create a ‘coming soon’ page or build a sign-up widget to acquire and engage an audience that’s eagerly awaiting your launch!

What we like about it:

Easily build an audience
With LaunchRock’s customizable sign-up field its easy to build an active audience before you launch, or to collect beta users.

Built-in sharing tools
LaunchRock has built-in sharing tools that allow you to easily spread the word about the launch of your website by increasing awareness and sign-ups.
Also, you can stay connected with your newly acquired audience with email follow ups.

The analytics portion of the app allows your to gain better audience insight in order to help you drive growth and increase sign-ups.

Advanced Customization
Advanced users can further customize their projects with the cdd/html/javascript editor.

Use LaunchRock with your Hover domain name!

Follow these steps to use your LaunchRock project with your Hover domain name:

1. Log into your Hover account.
2. Click on the domain you want to redirect
3. Check your domain’s nameservers. If the nameservers are and, then you 4. can skip to the next step. If your name servers are not set to Hover, click on the Edit button and change 5. your name servers to and
6. Click on the DNS tab. Double check that your domain name’s A records are pointed at
7. Click on the Domain Details tab and then click on Edit in the Forward This Domain section.
8. Select Yes to enable forwarding and then type the destination address found at the top left corner of your LaunchRock account.

Keep up to date with LaunchRock on Twitter and their blog.