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Hover Personal Email in Mozilla Thunderbird

Andrew Moore-Crispin on June 5, 2012
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Today, Mozilla released the latest version of its Thunderbird email client complete with Hover personal email options built in.

We’ve talked about our love of the Mozilla organization and its free Thunderbird email client previously. Now though, we have even more reason to be effusive in our praise.

Among the excellent improvements to Thunderbird, you can now get a Hover personal email address from right within the Thunderbird application. In short, our relationship with Thunderbird makes it even easier to ditch the email alias you’ve had since you first got online and step up to something more professional and personal.

Within Thunderbird, it’s easy to sign up for a new (or .net, .asia, .org or .whatever) email address. Not only that, but Thunderbird will automatically configure your send and receive mail settings for you. Within a few minutes of buying your personal email address, you’ll be up and running in the Thunderbird client.

Other improvements in Thunderbird include a smarter way to send large attachments. Rather than attaching a huge file to your email, Thunderbird Filelink lets you upload the file to secure online storage instead. Your email recipient just needs to click to download the file. This is especially handy when you encounter an email system that rejects emails with large attachments. It also saves space in the recipient’s inbox and lets them download the file when they want as opposed to when they hit the “check mail” button in their email client of choice.

The Thunderbird email client is available to download for Mac, PC and Linux users. Download Thunderbird then grab your Hover personal email from within the application.