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Hover and Make Lemonade Promote Entrepreneurship Together

Samantha Lloyd on March 5, 2018

Co-working spaces are popping up all over the city, and worldwide, so this month we’re featuring one of our personal favourites: Make Lemonade. Hover had the pleasure of stopping by Make Lemonade’s beautiful headquarters in downtown Toronto to speak with its founder, Rachel Kelly, about promoting entrepreneurs in our great city. She saw a need for a space like Make Lemonade, which now acts as an office to a lot of powerhouse female entrepreneurs.

Co-working spaces are a great way to provide support to entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and more. We love them because they allow for networking and innovation amongst a community of people who are often working out of home offices and are constantly busy with their own ventures. The number one reason Canadians are falling in love with co-working spaces? They are looking for a solid community and interaction with other individuals who are on a similar path to themselves. Rachel felt similarly – after spending a lot of timing operating out of coffee shops and maintaining conversation with other female entrepreneurs solely online, she decided that her and other entrepreneurs were in need of a physical space to connect and help one another excel.

“I believe it’s important to support Toronto entrepreneurs because we are the backbone of the future in Toronto. Every great business that has had an impact… started off as one entrepreneur with an idea.”

– Rachel Kelly

Make Lemonade Co-working

Hover couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. With employees spanning the globe, and some working entirely on their own out of different countries and states, it’s important that we remain connected and maintain our community, despite the varied distance and time zones. Many of our employees that are stationed remotely love to get out of the house and find a place that allows them to focus on their work, while also providing some of the social interaction you miss when not working out of an office. A co-working space provides remote workers and entrepreneurs alike a sense of structure to their workday and a place to exchange knowledge. It’s a great way to separate home from work, and with so many new co-working spaces opening, it’s easy to find one in a convenient location.

The newest offering for Make Lemonade’s Full Lemon and Half-Pressed memberships? A free Hover domain! Choose from a .COM, .CO, .ME, .TECH, or .BLOG domain extension when you join. Put yourself out there, entrepreneurs, and launch your new business with Hover and Make Lemonade! Watch our video with Rachel below:

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