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Fun Things To Do Online When It’s Way Too Cold Outside

Hover on November 20, 2014

The Hover team isn’t too happy these days. It’s only November, but we just got a blast of winter out of nowhere in Toronto where our offices are. Snow, freezing temperatures of -15 Celsius (that’s 5 Fahrenheit for our American friends), strong winds and slow traffic are making it really difficult to be our normal cheery selves.

We’re definitely not alone in our snow sorrows. Just south of us, Buffalo was hit by one of the worst snowstorms in recent memory. We can’t even begin to describe how bad it was, so just take a look:

Yes, winter has shown its most unwelcome face and all we want to do is curl by the fireplace and sip hot chocolate all day (we thankfully have hot chocolate at the office, so we’re at least halfway there). If you’re sharing in our winter blues and have decided to hibernate as long as you can before anyone notices, here’s some fun things to do on the Internet that will make the winter a little less awful:

Watch The Best Fireplace Video

Keep this video running at all times and bask in all 3 hours of its glorious 1080p resolution. Plus, your computer will heat up enough while it’s on to warm you up too!

Download The Weather Network Apps

weather network

The Weather Network has great apps for Mac & PC that will tell you from your toolbar exactly how freezing it is outside (and, subsequently, how great it is that you’re not there).

Play Winter Themed Games


Snowball fights, skiing and sledding are fun and all, but they all involve going outside which we’ve already agreed is a definite no-no. Luckily, you can enjoy all of your favourite winter activities online! Here are some collections from Miniclip and Candystand to get you started.

Search for Vacation Deals


Search around and see if there are any good deals on all-inclusive tropical resorts so you can escape this frigid wasteland.

Explore Google Street View


Travel to exotic locations in Google Street View Treks and explore sights like Gombe National Park and Venice without spending a dime.

Order New Winter Clothing


Sooner or later you’re going to have to go outside again, so make sure you’re as warm as you can possibly be.

Buy a Domain Name


Hey, it was worth a shot!

What else cheers you up when it’s too cold outside? Let us know in the comments!