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Domain Registrar Pricing Games: Watch the fine print

Hover on April 27, 2012
WHOIS privacy protection

We hear it all the time.

“Hover is soooo expensive. I can get domain names for eighty-five cents at that other registrar. No wait, they want to pay *me* now. Why is Hover so expensive? $15 is a crazy price.”

We have no intention of being the cheapest registrar. That would make us feel, well….


Our promise is great service at a fair price. We like to earn our money and charge a reasonable price for what we do. We also believe in honest pricing. That means no tricks in our shopping cart and no bait-and-switch.

We’re upfront in what we want you to pay and what that includes. For example, $15 at Hover gets you a great .com domain name and Whois Privacy.

$15 is what we advertise, $15 is what you pay.

Our competition doesn’t see it this way.

Watch The Fine Print 002

This morning, they are advertising .com domains for just $11.99*. Hover’s price is $15.

But that’s not really a fair comparison. Hover’s price includes Whois privacy. So let’s add that to the $11.99** domain.

End price at the competition: $24.16.

That’s crazy expensive.

To misquote Warren Buffet*** “Its far better to buy from a wonderful company at a fair price, than to buy from a fair company at a wonderful price.”

Hover might not have the cheapest advertised price, and we respect our customers too much to play these sorts of games. We will always make sure that we give you great service at a fair price, make sure that the price we advertise is the price you pay and above all else, strive to be that wonderful company at all times – at any price****.


* They like to include lots of fine print in their advertising.

** And when I say they like lots of fine print, I mean lots of fine print. I think they’ve hired people whose sole function is to come up with ways to put more fine print on their pages.

*** Warren actually said “Its far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than buy a fair company at a wonderful price.” Hover doesn’t sell companies and I’m not sure you are buying one, so we embellished his quote a bit :-)

**** No really, we mean it. And we don’t have any fine print. Unless you count this.