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Domain of the Month, January: TheBeardedWisdom

Hover on January 14, 2014

What better time to start a creative experiment than the New Year?

Freshly launched this January, TheBeardedWisdom is a songwriting project that uses crowd-sourced inspiration to produce a new song every week. It’s a collaborative effort between fans and artists to create a musical journal of 2014. TheBeardedWisdom will be co-writing with different musicians to explore the depth of what happens when artists combine skills and perspectives. Most importantly, the songs will all be based on user-generated inspiration.

The idea is simple; you submit, TheBeardedWisdom writes, you enjoy. Anyone can submit a story, thought, or even a word that comes from your own personality and experience. Together with a photographer, songwriters, and graphic designers, TheBeardedWisdom will use your inspiration combined with their own interpretation to create a song and album artwork. The songs will be released for free as a podcast on the blog, with new episodes posted weekly on Monday evenings.


Why we love it

What started as an idea and a funny domain name is being molded into a pretty awesome project. TheBeardedWisdom celebrates the creative process of music making and the power of the Internet to bring people together. We’re excited to watch this collaborative musical journey over the year.

The songs and artwork are revealed on TheBeardedWisdom blog, which makes the episodes easy to follow and share. It’s a perfect way to showcase the art on a timeline. Each blog post will include the original submission, as well as some insight into the interpretation and production techniques used by the artists.