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Domain of the Month, August:

Hover on August 28, 2014

At Hover, we’re big fans of simple-yet-powerful software that does exactly what people need it to do. That’s why we’re excited to feature as August’s Domain of the Month!

What Is Quotebook?

Quotebook is an iOS app that collects and organizes your favourite quotes. And that’s pretty much it. It might sound not like a lot, but the app manages to do this exceptionally well.

When you discover a quote that catches your eye, open up Quotebook to jot it down. You’ll then be able to attribute an author, source, rating, and custom tags. If the author is on Wikipedia, it’ll even download his or her bio and include it within the author page within the app.

Why We Love It

When we first discovered Quotebook, our first reactions were anger and frustration because we didn’t have this when we were in school. The app is absolutely perfect for quickly grabbing a great quote to spruce up an essay that you’re working on. Or, casually looking through the collection can help inspire new ideas for whatever you’re working on.

If your days of late-night library visits and kegstands are behind you, however, you may still find the app helpful. If you’re a writer or blogger, your writing will benefit in much the same way that you’d use it as a student. For everyone else, you may enjoy keeping track of a great one-liner you just read in your book or the cringe-worthy “joke” that your uncle just told you.