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Domain Name Transfers: Common Misconceptions

Sarah Georges on September 7, 2012
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Did you know: Tucows, Hover’s parent company, was one of the primary architects of the domain transfer rules used by every registrar around the world!

The low-down on domain transfers

Transferring your domain name is like switching phone companies. Not happy with your current domain registrar? We’ll move your domain name to a better home and add a year to that domain name registration for as little as $10. In addition, you’ll get to keep all of the existing time left on your domain registration. Not a bad deal! For example, if your domain currently expires on July 3, 2013, after your transfer to Hover, it will expire on July 3, 2014!

Common misconceptions

With some registrars, transferring your domain can be a long process, riddled with fine print and hidden costs. Here are some common misconceptions about domain name transfers, and how Hover makes the process a lot smoother:

It’s extremely costly to transfer.
A domain transfer to Hover costs as little as $10. Included in the cost is one-year’s domain registration, the excellent Hover domain name management tools, no-wait telephone support and Hover’s domain Valet Service. Not too shabby!

You’ll lose the remaining registration time.
You paid for your domain registration, you should be able to keep it! When you decide to transfer your services to Hover, all remaining time left on your current registration will be honored! Please note that you must wait 60 days after you renewed or registered your domain with your current registrar in order to make the switch.

It’s a lot of work.
Transferring your services from one registrar to another can indeed be time consuming. Hover recognizes your time is valuable and that’s why we offer our domain Valet Service. We’ll move one or all of your domains from your current registrar to Hover and let you know when it’s done. To request Hover’s Valet Service, send an email to or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556!

Getting started

It’s easy to transfer your name from GoDaddy, Network Solutions, eNom, 1&1, and other registrars. You can transfer at any time after 60 days of registration, regardless of how long you registered your domain for. Have a look at Hover pricing for current domain transfer prices. We’d love to have you aboard!