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Creative Ways to Use a .LIVE Domain for Your Brand or Business

Hover on September 28, 2021

.LIVE is the perfect marketing tool for anyone that delivers in-the-moment experiences or is seeking to engage directly with their audience. This domain extension is ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes who focus on live entertainment, media broadcasting, music, streaming services, gaming, digital events, education and more. 

With a .LIVE domain you can create an online destination that’s short, memorable, and immediately conveys to your audience that you provide a live experience, before they even get to your website.

Check out a few of our favourite brands and businesses that have creatively leveraged the .LIVE domain to make their mission known! is an event production company based in San Francisco, CA that focuses on creating and delivering an atmosphere for people to experience new things and forget about their day-to-day routine. Their website provides a variety of in-person and virtual experiences to choose from that brings people together wherever they are. From games, restaurants, and visual art, to performances, this platform promotes the creation of shared experiences that help people find joy and truly live in the moment! is an online chatroom and resource centre dedicated to helping students understand the principles of mathematics. Created with the idea of personal progress in mind, hosts Zoom meetings from Monday to Thursday at 8-9PM EST to discuss anything and everything math. Whether it is school work, the SAT, games, or interesting things its users find online, is here to enable learning and discovery. is the website of professional DJ and personality CJ Palmer. With 20 years of professional event experience under his belt, CJ’s .LIVE website showcases his work alongside an impressive list of references.

Follow along for an adventure at! This website is the personal travel blog of one Jacob M. Brostoff, where he documents his Epic 2021 Road Trip. This .LIVE website is a combination of text, ambient sound recordings and photos taken of an unplanned, spontaneous trip around the United States.

Shop the future today at This .LIVE site is a digital brand campaign created by virtual production agency Dandelion + Burdock. Here, designers work with real-time technology to create content for special projects. Watch live footage of a virtual fashion show and buy the pieces you see directly from the website! 

Tell the world that you are live with a .LIVE domain

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