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.CO – the Domain for Start-ups

Sarah Georges on January 24, 2013

Given the depletion of the popular .COM domain extension, .CO is the up and coming domain of choice for start-ups around the world. Why the sudden popularity within the start-up community? It’s a great alternative to .com and offers tons of perks to start-ups. Read on to learn more.

Get the name you want

When it comes to startups the name is everything. It must be memorable, unique, catchy. Settling for a lame, dashed or complicated domain just because the .com you wanted was already taken weakens your brand. Considering all three-letter .COM domain names are taken, .CO may be a great option for a short and catchy URL. By choosing .co for your domain name, you open your business up to way more options.

Domain Hacks – the possibilities are endless!

A ‘domain hack’ uses the different parts of a domain name to create a memorable URL. The domain extension (usually a TLD such as .CO, .IT or .LY) is cleverly combined with the domain name, such as,, or The .co domain provides a plethora of possibilities to create a unique domain URL. Here are a few we like:
Nosco –
Recommend –
The Lead Company –

What about SEO?

As a start-up you’re more than likely conscious of your company’s search engine ranking. You may be wondering how your .CO will fare on search engines compared to a .COM, .NET or .ORG. You’ll be happy to hear that Google has labeled .CO as generic domain extension (or a gccTLD). This means your domain is given equal treatment in search results, assuming you have quality content. Head on over to .CO and SEO for more information.

Get a little somethin’ extra

The .CO domain registry has a great membership program for start-ups – The program gives startups a range of benefits to help grow their business including discounts, tickets to events, and a special feature on the site. Free passes to Startup Weekend events, free access to co-working spaces (including New York City’s Projective and London’s Co-Work), free SEO consultation, and discounts on both live and online classes at General Assembly are all perks of grabbing a .CO for your company. Head over to for more info.

Join the .COmmunity

Many companies have already snatched up a .CO for their business. By registering a .CO, you’re joining the ranks of Twitter (, Overstock (, Google (, Forex ( and many more.

A great .CO domain name is available with Hover for $30/year. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-866-731-6556 or email us at