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.CO Domains – Now Only $15!

Sarah Georges on February 14, 2013

From now until March 31st, 2013 get a .CO domain name from Hover for one year for only $15.

.CO is a domain name growing in popularity, especially with the startup community. This popular domain name is a great alternative to the traditional .COM or .NET extensions.

Why do we like .CO?

You get the domain name you want. Unlike .COM, there are still tons of .CO’s available for registration. Grab a .CO and get the domain you really want!

An awesome community. .CO is the up and coming domain for startups, entrepreneurs and innovators. If you get a .CO, you’ll join the ranks of Twitter (, Google (, Forex ( and Overstock ( to name a few.

It’s SEO friendly. Google has declared that, like .COM, it will treat .CO as a global (generic) TLD in its search results! That means you can feel secure in knowing your SEO ranking wont be compromised with a .CO domain name.

Head on over to and find your perfect .CO domain for just $15! The offer is valid only on first year of registration, and only for new registrations.