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Celebrities and Their Domains

Sarah Georges on June 29, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot us normal folk can learn from celebrities. Determination, courage, talent, strength, how to do your hair… the list goes on.

However, what I’ve come to realize recently is that some celebrities have done really innovative and creative things with their domains. Apart from the cookie cutter celeb sites that scream: “I’m way more famous and awesome than you’ll ever be, buy my new album,” there are some extremely creative ones that are worthy of recognition.

Here are some celebrity domains that just may inspire you to register a domain of your own.

Will Smith’s website is unique in that it really isn’t a standard celebrity website. No shameless self-promotion, no online store. Its sole purpose is to redirect you to his Facebook page. I can really appreciate a celebrity who takes a more personable approach to their online identity.
You can also follow suit by using your personal domain to redirect to your social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Hover has a great article on how to forward your Hover domain.

Questionable life decisions aside, Paris Hilton does have a great website. Her main page is a photo blog style that’s really easy to navigate (complete with a combination of Instagram style photos and professional photoshoots).
Tumblr is a great way to use your domain to share your photos in a blog style. Hover has a great article on how to forward your domain to your Tumblr account. Don’t forget to also follow this guide to configure from your Tumblr account.

Singer Jason Mraz’ site (created using WordPress) is very well designed, with a background image that switches periodically. This is a great example of the possibilities of WordPress to create individualistic website designs. WordPress is a great tool if you want to create a blog with embedded YouTube videos or live Twitter and Facebook feeds.

This website accomplished two things: 1) made me very hungry and 2) made me really appreciate Jamie Oliver’s approach to his online presence. Jamie’s website is really engaging and interactive. Rather than just telling you about himself, has got tons of recipes, videos, party planning guides, a live forum chat and live Twitter feeds.

If you can take away anything from celebrity website designs, it’s that your domain is your online identity; a personal branding tool of sorts. You don’t need the cash flow of Miley Cyrus to create a great website. In fact, Hover domain names start at just $15/year. With great online tools such as Squarespace, Tumblr or WordPress, it’s easy to create a great domain of your own.

Search from the Hover front page to grab your own domain name now. It may be all that stands between you and superstardom. Probably not… but you never know.