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Celebrate World Art Day – .ART Your Passion!

Guest Author on April 13, 2020
Celebrate World Art Day with a .ART Domain

As Damien Hirst said, “art won’t let you down.” This year, we’re celebrating World Art Day in a rather unexpected context of lockdown and social distancing, and yet we are more than capable of connecting to the beauty around us. Thanks to numerous museum and gallery initiatives, the rapid growth of Google Culture Institute, and to singers, photographers and creatives all over the world inviting us behind the scenes of their process, we can still be inspired.

There is a silver lining in this crisis too. Cultural institutions, as well as creatives, will come out of it more equipped for the online world than ever. This is a pivotal time to finally get that website sorted, work on building your digital presence and reach out to the rest of the world.

It’s Finally Time for That Website

Like any passionate creative, your primary focus is on your art. However, having a place to showcase your work can really help get your creations out there. This could be the perfect time to finally publish your website, and putting a stamp on it with a .ART domain is a powerful way to announce your work’s new home to the world. The best thing is, your .ART domain has more possibilities than simply being the address of a new website.

.ART, being a digital signifier of belonging to the world of arts, crafts and culture, is a straightforward way of establishing your creative status online. Here are some of the ways to use a .ART domain to get you into an inspired frame of mind.

Digital Business Card

Sometimes all you need is a digital business card with your CV, contact details and links to all your social and creative platforms.

A website will look professional and serve as a single-entry point to unite all of your endeavors. Now a security net, in a post-pandemic world, your personal online brand will still be a great development resource. See how other .ART adopters have done it.

Cool Instagram Username 

Instagram is a great tool, but it’s often hard to be found among millions of other accounts with a similar username or even get the one you prefer. A simple way to stand out is to get and redirect it to your Instagram. Voila, no more confusion! With multiple comprehensive website builders available to choose from, you can easily make this first digital step from the safety of your living room.


Discover your old paintings during a lockdown clean-up challenge? Began making prints but have no way of selling them without breaking a social gathering law? Now is the time to set up an online store that will generate a revenue stream for you in the future. Even if you choose a third-party platform to market your art, there is an easy way to keep your digital appearance uniquely yours. Move your online shop to website to keep it separate from your main site.

Smart Redirect

This is DIY digital marketing at its best. If you aren’t sure about your domain name or want to highlight a section of your website as a separate project – redirect to it from .ART! Thousands of brands do it already: all the way from to

In the words of another remarkable artist, Fred Wilson, “my studio is in my head.” While our creative potential is boundless and requires little but an active imagination and some basic art supplies, sharing our ideas is easier with a digital strategy. Start with what you have now and turn this crisis into an opportunity.

.ART your passion!


Anastasia is a journalist and writer, covering topics from art and design to society and travel. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.