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Brewing a New Idea for a Cafe? Check Out These Coffee Shop Themed Domain Names

Samantha Lloyd on July 22, 2019
coffee shop domain names - trio holds coffee cups together

If you’re like me, you spend your summer mornings flitting between coffee shops, overindulging in extra espresso shots and chocolatey goodness. I can’t fathom a morning absent of caffeine. In our home of Toronto, it feels like a new coffee shop opens every week. Some are themed, some are small, some are in shipping containers, some have board games, and a rare few are open late. Every coffee shop has their own theme, vibe, and quirks. There’s no doubt that when dreaming up your new cafe, you’ve thought through all the brick-and-mortar elements. As important and necessary as that is, let’s not forget about how you can pique interest and gain attention and customers through online initiatives. 

When you’re creating your coffee shop, you know it’s important that you’re online so that your customers can find you. You know to add yourself to Google My Business and Maps, that your menu should be available, and that your Instagram is chock full of fresh baked goods and designer coffee snaps. A logical step to link out to and from all this is to have a website that lets customers know the who, what, when, where, and why behind your business. No matter the type of coffee shop you’re thinking of creating, Hover has quite a few coffee- and cafe-themed domain names to help you stand out.

Get a .COFFEE Domain Name

The .COFFEE domain name says it all. You focus on coffee – great coffee, flavoured coffee, delicious coffee. If you want to show off your love of coffee online, nothing spells it out quite like the .COFFEE domain.

Get a .CAFE Domain Name

You’ve put all the finishing touches on your new cafe and now it’s time to do the same for your cafe’s website. Grab the .CAFE domain name for a short and memorable reference to the type of business you’re running.

Get a .BAR Domain Name

Espresso bars, reserves, roasteries – these types of coffee shops go to the next level and operate as social hubs with good food and high quality caffeine. Let your coffee.BAR shine on the .BAR domain name.

Get a .RESTAURANT Domain Name

If coffee isn’t your focal point, but more exists as a pairing for your exquisite food, a .RESTAURANT domain name can play host to your menu, images, and events.