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.CA Top-Level Domains

Hover on February 10, 2015

We’re proud Canadians at Hover. We say sorry way too much, even if it’s because of something that’s the other person’s fault. We eagerly count down the days until it’s Roll Up The Rim time at Tim Hortons. We never leave the house in the winter without first putting on our favourite toque. And yes, it’s favourite, not favorite.

Being a domain name registration service, we’re of course big fans of another unique Canadian thing: our official country code top-level domain (ccTLD), .CA! That’s why we always recommend that our fellow Canadians use a .CA with their domains.

Why would I want a .CA domain?

It’s very easy to forget that the Internet has turned our world into a global village, where you can virtually travel to anywhere in just a few seconds. This is because most websites give virtually no indication of where they originate from. That’s where ccTLDs come in handy: by ending your website with .CA, you’re effectively putting a stamp on your domain name that tells the world that your site is proudly Canadian.

But let’s not forget about your fellow Canadians! In fact, this might even be where having a .CA domain is the most useful. Having a .CA domain is a great way to become more relatable with your audience, since your domain name is something familiar and uniquely Canadian. Whether you’re a Canadian business or blog about Canadian issues, going one step further and getting a Canadian domain name is the way to go.


We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have about .CA TLDs! Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 or reach us via email at

The Fine Print

Residency Requirements Presence in Canada
Name Length (Excluding TLD) Up to 63
Term 1 to 10 years
DNS Requirements 2 to 13 allowed; max. 6 a registration
WHOIS Privacy Available Enabled by default; no extra charge
Domain Locking Available Y
IDNs Available N
Auto-Renew Date 30 days before expiry
Change Renew/Let Expire
Settings X Days Before Expiry
30 days
Grace Period 40 days
Redemption Period 30 days
Transfers 1 year added to reg term
Authcode Required  Y


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