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Bring Some Heat to Your Website’s Marketing Strategy This Winter

Guest Author on February 11, 2019
heat winter marketing strategy

Every once in a while, marketing campaigns and styles can seem to not provide the results that they once brought. So how do you continue with gaining new growth with the same plan? The answer to this question is actually easier than it might seem. Take several months off of your original plan and be creative about forming a new approach for your marketing.

Today, we here at Boldgrid want to share with you some ideas that you can bring to your marketing mixup. Especially while it’s cold outside, you gotta bring some heat to your marketing and draw in customers with the heat of your on-fire marketing campaign!

1. Target season-specific keywords

With the new year, there’s an opportunity to tie into the ‘Best of’ trends. Beyond the ‘best of’ trends, there are quite a few around ‘2019 website design’. Take some time to formulate some ideas that you could write about and start to target these keywords via your blog and pages.

2. Get a .BLOG domain

Even if you already have a blog up and running, using a .BLOG domain name makes remembering your blog a lot easier. Being a newer TLD (top level domain), it is a highly brandable domain name. As you probably know, the shorter the URL, the better.

Say your company name was ‘Colorado’s Ice Cream’, you could go with icecream.BLOG or for even shorter, Simply add a redirect so your .BLOG domain so it redirects to your actual blog. Is your domain choice available? Then, get on social media and let your visitors know! You’ll be amazed at how many people remember it.

3. Create a giveaway

One way to get your customers excited about your product or service is to run a giveaway. This is a great way to get your customers talking about your product. Build a landing page with BoldGrid where customers can see the product or service that they have a chance to win. On this page, have a form where they can enter with their name and email address or consider using a plugin like ‘WordPress InviteBox’ where they can share a referral link allowing customers to get more points for the more visitors that come to your page via their link. This is a win win for you and your customers.

4. Create an e-book

After publishing blog posts for a while, this question comes up: what do I do with the old blog posts? One way of refurbishing your content is to sort through all of it and find several posts on the same topic and form them to be an e-book, like Hover did with their Inspo E-Book! While edits and small changes will need to be made, the opportunity with an e-book will make it all worthwhile.

5. Publish videos using your blog content

While the thought of publishing video might be a bit overwhelming, the performance boost that it can bring is totally worth the extra work. Before you publish a post, consider using a service like Lumen5 or Animoto to take the copy from your post and turn it into a video that can be shared on social media. This is a powerful way for your social media audience to consume content without having to read a full article.

In Conclusion: How to Heat up your Winter Marketing Strategy

Targeting keywords, getting a .blog domain, creating a giveaway, publishing an e-book, and creating videos, are all a super great way to get a marketing boost and try something different.

We hope that these five tips bring some serious heat to your marketing campaign so your customers are on-fire about your products and services.


Nathan, a creative visionary from Littleton, Colorado, is a media producer, digital marketer, and web designer. Currently employed as the Content Marketing Specialist for InMotion Hosting and BoldGrid, Nathan works to provide these businesses with solid, relevant web content. He has personally built hundreds of websites and has produced everything from television commercials to music videos. When Nathan is not working on new content, he enjoys hiking Colorado’s 14ers, biking, and playing racquetball.