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Best Domain Names for Real Estate Agents

Samantha Lloyd on August 15, 2019
real estate domain name - a house with a bright yellow door

Go digital with your real estate agency strategy to better target home buyers. Use unique domain name extensions, like .FORSALE or .REALESTATE, for memorable and interesting realtor-themed options.

As a real estate agent, you know that you have to maintain your competitive edge in such a tough business. Nowadays, so many decisions about future home transactions are made online – with 44% of potential home buyers finding a home for sale online rather than seeing a billboard or physical ad, getting a referral, or any other type of marketing channel. 90% of realtors have a website and we can bet you’re amongst that 90%. Maybe you’re considering a makeover for your website, a but of a digital overhaul or your brand, or looking for something fresh and exciting to give you an edge over the competition. 

Below, we list the domain names we have available for real estate agents. We have an entire Real Estate category full of interesting domain name extensions for your main website, the individual properties you have for sale, and so much more.

Some of the Real Estate themed domain names on Hover

Own the .FORSALE Domain

The “For Sale” domain name is such a great option for individual homes. In a small sample from 100 homes in Refine, nearly 78% of the houses had a domain name just for them, such as Owning a personalized domain name that ends in for sale is eye-catching. is descriptive and memorable.

Own the .CONDOS Domain

Maybe we’re a bit partial to this, since Hover is based in a city of seemingly never-ending condominium construction. If you’re a real estate agent solely focused on condos, this is a great domain name to own to share your multiple unit listings that exist within one building.

Own the .HOMES Domain

As a realtor, you’re likely targeting one area or city when buying and selling homes. Why not own a domain like or or This unique twist on your domain name could help attract people looking in certain areas or for certain types of homes by letting people know what to expect of your realty.

Own the .REALESTATE Domain

The .REALESTATE domain name is a classic for your agency or individual name. Use the .REALESTATE domain name to inform users of what you’re all about and who you are.