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Best Apps for Startups

Sarah Georges on November 27, 2012
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The task of starting a new business can be daunting to say the least. Having a great idea is one thing, getting it off the ground is another. Since we know many of you have registered a domain for your startup business, we thought we’d provide some resources you may find useful:


What is it? 30/30 allows you to set a list of tasks and assign a length of time to get each of them done. The app will let you know when you should move on to the next task.
What makes it great? The simple features are what we love about this app.
You’ll like it if: You own a startup and find yourself wearing many hats. If you find yourself getting off track, spending more time than you expect on certain tasks or you just want an easier way to plan your day.
Works with: iPad, iPhone

Venture Capital

What is it? Venture Capital is a great resource for those who have a business idea but don’t know how to go about getting it off the ground. The app has videos on topics that range from pitching your idea, networking, deal negotiation and relationship building with investors.
What makes it great? The information and guidance comes from successful business owners who know how to take an idea and grow a business from it.
You’ll like it if: You’re new to the game and need some helpful guidance to start your business.
Works with: iPhone, iPad with iOS6 only


What is it? CardCloud is an online business card creator that allows you to share and track your information.
What makes it great? We love that CardCloud provides an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional (and expensive) paper-based business card. Your card is automatically saved on the other person’s phone which makes it easy and convenient to give people your information. Better yet, they don’t need the app to receive your business card.
You’ll like it if: You’re always forgetting to bring along your business cards, you want to save some money and/or the environment, you have a smartphone, the list goes on.
Works with: iPhone, Android

Of course, a great startup needs an awesome domain (and an awesome registrar at that). Head on over to to grab a domain for your business, starting at $15/year.