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Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad with Hover + BoldGrid

Guest Author on November 16, 2018
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The term “digital nomad” sounds like the dream job for many. Never having to go into an office, traveling around the world, and sitting on the beach while sipping an iced coffee and designing your client’s website. For some, this life is reality. How do they do it? Today, we’ll tell you how, with the help of Hover and BoldGrid, you can take the first step to becoming a digital nomad.

Before you start packing your bags and purchasing your airline ticket to that remote island, let’s go over a few things that you need to consider first. BoldGrid provides some tips below to get you on the right path. Hover also has some tips on Boldgrid’s blog that’ll help any DIY entrepreneur promote themselves online.

Handle your Debt

If you have a considerable amount of debt, jumping into the digital nomad life isn’t a wise step. Not only can debt weigh you down, but with no guaranteed income, it may become a challenge. You should definitely consider paying off all of your debt first. Use the debt snowball method as it’s been guaranteed to be successful. Once all debt is paid off, becoming a digital nomad can start to become reality.


In order to survive this lifestyle, you have to have an income. Before you set out, make sure you have a plan or some level of backup income in case something happens and you are stranded out on that remote island without work. Some of the “adventurous digital nomad” life involves being super flexible and jumping from one thing to the next, but you’ll want to be prepared, so you can enjoy this new lifestyle. As Digital Nomad, Martina Russo suggests that you yourself these questions: “What am I good at? What do I like to do? What do people need? And can I do this and take it online, so I can fund my lifestyle?” Answering these questions is key to starting the process off right.

Start Packing the Bags

It’s time to start your digital nomad adventure! Grab your laptop and hotspot and let’s get the dollars rolling in while drinking that iced coffee on the beach.

To get started, let’s look over BoldGrid, a suite of plugins that bring a turnkey solution to building websites. This tool gives you the power and flexibility, wherever you might be. Known for its ease of use, some new BoldGrid users have built a full website in as little as two hours. This allows digital nomads to easily build websites for themselves. Whatever path you pursue in your digital nomad adventures, you’ll be able to set yourself up a website with ease to get your business launched fast.

So, how does this all work? Let’s say you want to run a business as a website designer and developer for clients while being a digital nomad. We’re going to walk you through that process and then share with you how Hover and BoldGrid can be two integral tools you need to bring opportunity for your new digital nomad life.

Get Started

To get started, check out Business Network International or the Small to Midsize Business Chamber to find organizations or businesses that need a quick and easy turnkey website solution. You can also join sites like Freelancer or Fiverr to get additional business.

Once you receive your first client, you’ll want to make sure your client has a registered domain. Hover provides expert domain management and you can protect yourself from domain loss and the potential of being locked to a specific registrar. Once you have registered your domain, you will want to find a quality WordPress host where you can point your domain.

Installing BoldGrid

Once the domain is pointed over, install WordPress. Then create an account with BoldGrid Central and download the BoldGrid Page and Post Builder along with the Inspirations plugin. Once downloaded, install the plugins in WordPress.

Design a Website

Now that BoldGrid Page and Post Builder and Inspirations are installed, go to the Inspirations tab in WordPress and choose a look that best fits your client. The next steps are super easy. Just follow the steps, change the colors, upload your client’s logo, add text and images, and in less than two hours you can have a beautiful website ready for your client to preview.

Potential Income

Some may think that there isn’t a lot of potential income for a digital nomad in this specific field. With web design and development being in some of the top job markets, we see tremendous income potential. Try building a website with Hover and BoldGrid to see how becoming a digital nomad could become possible. As a benefit, if you ever get tired of the digital nomad life (yeah, right!) website design and development is an exciting, ever-evolving, and lucrative career path to pursue.

Hover and BoldGrid are tools that bring the opportunity to try something new and potentially generate a steady income from this new career path – allowing you to go from island to island without a worry.


Nathan, a creative visionary from Littleton, Colorado, is a media producer, digital marketer, and web designer. Currently employed as the Content Marketing Specialist for InMotion Hosting and BoldGrid, Nathan works to provide these businesses with solid, relevant web content. He has personally built hundreds of websites and has produced everything from television commercials to music videos. When Nathan is not working on new content, he enjoys hiking Colorado’s 14ers, biking, and playing racquetball.