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Simple Tactics for Attracting Customers on Mobile by TextMagic

Guest Author on August 27, 2018
mobile lead generation
It’s estimated that by 2019, 72 percent of all U.S. digital ad spending will be on mobile advertising. That’s because more and more customers are using their mobiles to research, engage and shop. The amount of purchases mobile users are making is increasing every year. Between 2015 and 2016, mobile spending has increased by a whopping 45 percent.

Given that mobile shopping is on the rise, businesses that aren’t using mobile for lead generation will get left in the dust – and you want your business to be ahead of the curve. Mobile lead generation is your business’s ability to capture interest from users accessing your business on search through their phone. Optimizing your brand’s advertising campaign for mobile is essential to capture leads through that channel. Having a mobile-friendly landing page and simplifying mobile forms are just some examples of how your business can proactively capture mobile leads and turn potential customers into engaged and active users.

To kickstart your mobile lead generation, you need to learn how to nail your headlines to make mobile viewers tap on your link and use a referrals system to let your loyal customers spread the word. Neglecting your mobile customers comes at the peril of losing them to other businesses, so pay close attention!

Here are some top tips on how to increase your brand’s mobile lead generation and garner more customers on mobile:

Make sure you’re mobile-optimized

A slow-loading mobile landing page will have your leads clicking elsewhere. In fact, 53 percent of mobile sites are abandoned if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Loading speed isn’t the only important thing for mobile users. Nobody wants to spend all day scrolling down long pages reading acres of information on their mobile. Shorten your information and pages to reflect the needs of the mobile user. Include intuitive navigating tools such as the accordion menu that takes up less space on the mobile screen yet allows users to navigate easily.

Make your forms visually appealing

Just as on desktop, looks matter, and the more visually appealing your mobile website is, the more likely leads are going to want to hang around it. A great looking font that reflects your brand’s style, colour tones, images, and contrasts all contribute to whether or not a lead is going to stay on the page or tap elsewhere.

Having a page that’s easy on the eyes makes it pleasing to be on your site. The longer visitors stick around, the more likely they are to convert.

Simplify mobile forms

Sign-ups on mobile should keep the mobile user in mind. Remember that many mobile users will be checking out your site while they’re on the go and having to peck out excessive or repetitive information will have them tapping elsewhere. Once you’ve snagged your lead, keep them with simplified forms. Allow for auto-fill and only ask for information that is absolutely necessary.

Use text messaging

Reaching out to mobile customers about your brand’s SMS loyalty club can generate impressive leads. Text’s universal reach and high open rates make it an appealing way to cast a wide net and make sure leads are getting your message.

If you want to draw people in, text them an offer: A discount, sale, VIP status, or rewards club can all entice customers to do business with you. Sweepstakes and giving away free stuff are also winners when it comes to lead acquisition.

Hook them with a headline

People are bombarded with information and offers all day long on their mobiles. If you want to catch someone’s attention and attract them to your brand, start with a killer headline:

Make it short. Mobiles have small screens and headlines that take up a lot of space start to look like too much work to read
Make it punchy. Don’t be wordy, but make sure you do get your point across clearly and in a way that sounds exciting or intriguing.
Highlight benefits. Make sure the customer can clearly see that something beneficial is being offered to them.

Make content a priority

Content is important and makes a bigger difference to customers than you think. It’s not enough that they get a great deal. Investing in a brand that knows their business and is able to share their knowledge in high-quality content can skyrocket your brand’s reputation. Therefore, don’t skimp on content quality. Blogs and videos created by professionals that aim to educate customers and improve their experience with your products and services can, and do, generate leads.

Have a referral system

Your happy customers are a great source of lead generation, but not if you don’t offer them a platform to make referrals. Having a referral program that offers incentives to your current customers to invite friends and associates to join the program can generate more leads.

Capitalize on the customer base you’ve already acquired by promoting your referrals program:

Promote the program consistently across all communications you have with your customers (social media, email, SMS, mobile apps, landing pages, check-out, etc.)
Offer a rebate, discount or cash reward in exchange for the referral
Make it convenient to initiate the referral with a simple click or easy to fill out form

Promote your payment security

People are sometimes wary about making payments via mobile and if someone has a bad experience with mobile pay with your brand, you can be sure they’ll be telling people about it on review sites. Let them know about your secure mobile pay system upfront so customers who are just encountering your brand for the first time can know that they can make safe mobile purchases with you.

Businesses can’t ignore mobile and those who invest in mobile lead capture will be reaping the benefits. Make sure you bring in mobile leads with great headlines, appealing landing pages, professional mobile lead capture services, and more.


Alexa Lemzy is the customer service manager and content author at TextMagic, the text messaging service for businesses. She is in touch with multiple businesses daily and writes about all things mobile. Drop her a line on Twitter.