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6 Free Project Management Tools For Your Small Business

Hover on March 6, 2022

Every successful hustler, dreamer, and entrepreneur should know that organization is essential to success. No matter how big or small your brand or business is, staying organized is the best way to stay on top of your projects amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re just starting, the great news is you can stay organized without having to shell out on fancy software or paid plans just yet. There are plenty of affordable and completely free options to choose from. We’ve put together a list of our favourite free online tools that will help take your project management skills to the next level. Check them out below!


First up we have Notion, a web-based tool and app that allows you to write, plan, and get organized in one place. A unique feature of Notion is that it is completely customizable. Users can build pages exactly how they want and choose from different templates to serve all types of needs and objectives. Notion is completely free for personal use, you can build unlimited pages and blocks, and sync across your devices. You can also add up to five additional users on the free version. This platform is a great option for those looking to customize their experience and add a personal touch to their project management solution. 


Paymo is a platform that helps teams manage clients, projects, timesheets, and invoices in one convenient location. The real benefit of Paymo is its integrated accounting feature which lets you turn project data into invoices and price estimates, as well as track expenses. Their free account includes an impressive and comprehensive suite of features that are perfect for small teams (or individuals) just starting out with their brand or business who are looking to get organized without breaking the bank.


Asana is a popular project management tool that is well loved by many, including yours truly here at Hover! Created by one of the original co-founders of Facebook, Asana is a tool that streamlines your workflow through letting you deliberately map out each step and organizing all the details of your work in one place. Their basic plan is a great option for individuals or teams just getting started with project management and is free of cost. With three free plan, you’ll get unlimited projects, tasks, activity log, storage and comments alongside basic workflows, basic reporting, and security essentials. 


Next up we have Airtable, a flexible solution for content operations that will help to organize, assign, and manage your content. Utilized by companies such as Netflix, Time Magazine, and BuzzFeed Media, this platform has tons of resources on their website to help you get started. Airtable offers tons of templates you can use, helpful guides, and plenty of useful information in their blog articles. The free version covers all the basics and is perfect for individuals or small teams looking to better manage their time and work processes. 


ClickUp is a simple project management app with a free-for-personal-use option. A differentiating feature of ClickUp is the variety of task views available for free users. Many free project management options offer limited task views, such as a simple list or calendar view. However, ClickUp lets you choose from 11 different task views including Gantt charts and mind maps alongside four different page views. You’ll also have the ability to add unlimited members, another rarity among free software options. Pretty sweet for a free offering!  

Monday is another popular project management platform that is beloved by many. Their free plan is geared towards individuals looking for a better way to keep track of their work. You’ll get unlimited boards, documents, and access to over 200 free templates. Since this freebie is meant for individuals rather than teams, you’ll only be able to have up to two users at once, so keep that in mind if you’re a small business hoping to add multiple team members to your plan.

Taking advantage of free online resources is a great way to take your brand or business to the next level. Any of the web-based project management options above will help you stay organized, easily manage tasks, communicate with collaborators, and maintain project visibility, all without costing you a dime. 

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